Boxed and completed.

It is based upon an Arduino Nano and a si5351 module.

Display still has protection film on it.
Output is 12W.

A view inside the rig.

The case was constructed from soldered together pieces of pcb. It was then painted and a clear coat of laquer applied.

The VFO/BFO is separated from the main board by a pcb shield.
bit x 40 inside
Click on image for larger version.
 Bit X 40m Band Portable
This is a project I built based on a Hendricks BitX20 kit.

It is now much modified.  Not the least was rewinding all the toroids for 40m operation.

The VFO is based upon an Arduino Nano with a 8x2 line LCD Display driving a si5351 clock generator which has up to three outputs.
I used Clock 0 as the VFO and Clock 2 as the BFO.
This replaced the weak VFO on the board and also the crystal oscillator BFO.
A GPS disciplined 10MHz oscillator.
This uses a Rockwell GPS module and a Pic micro to lock a 10MHz temperature controlled  oscillator module
Ebay AD9850 Signal Generator
Using a cheap ebay module plus a two transistor buffer amp fed to a switched attenuator.
It outputs from hz to 40MHz..
RF Power Meter
A nice piece of kit.
It measures RF from uW to 1kW. It measures to half a watt on its own and further with added attenuator units.

BitX 40 Filter scan using the SSNA project. (See Projects page)
BitX Filter Scan