First licensed as G8VLQ in 1979.
I took the morse test and upgraded to G4NQX.
Ofcom at one point decided to allow me to apply for G8VLQ back and hold two licences.
I use G8VLQ on vhf 4m and up.
I use G4NQX on HF.  Mostly on the WAB net on 7.160MHz

 Personal Information
Robert J. Lane

I'm retired.

I live near the town of Gainsborough N. Lincs. with my wife and my dog Trevor.

On the left is First Mate 'Trevor' aboard a hire boat in the Lake District.

A GPS disciplined 10MHz oscillator.
This uses a Rockwell GPS module and a Pic micro to lock a 10MHz temperature controlled  oscillator module
Bit X 40 Portable Rig
This is a Bit X rig using a Hendicks 20m kit as the basis.
I've modified it to run on 40m with an Arduino Uno with an si5351 vfo/bfo plus 8x2 line LCD readout.
Arduino Stuff
Arduino Mega and ebay 2.6" TFT Touchscreen display as rig readout.
Tested but code needs optimising.