Boxed and completed. 10 digit Maidenhead locator is blurred deliberately in photograph.

Provides a highly accurate 10MHz and 1MHz output.

If there is no lock or satellites, the text changes to False Data instead of the Lock and Voltage of the TCXO.

The red pushbutton changes the display to full height characters displaying just the time.

Moving the antenna location for the GPS only 6 inches changes the locator.  Where it is in the shack is right on the corner of four minor squares!!

 GPS Disciplined Oscillator
This is a project I built to provide me with an accurate 10MHz frequency output. Based upon a G4JNT board design.
I have used a Pic 16f876a microcontroller and wrote custom software in PicBasic Pro.
There is a very large 20x4 line LCD display.

It shows the accurate time in custom large digit font.
In normal font is the day/date plus freq lock confirmation and tcxo lock voltage. There is Maidenhead locator to 10 places and also Lat/Long co-ordinates.

RF Power Meter
A nice piece of equipment capable of measuring RF  from uW to kW.
Bit X 40 Portable Rig
This is a Bit X rig using a Hendicks 20m kit as the basis.
I've modified it to run on 40m with an Arduino Uno with an si5351 vfo/bfo plus 8x2 line LCD readout.
Arduino Stuff
Arduino Mega and ebay 2.6" TFT Touchscreen display as rig readout.
Tested but code needs optimising.