GPS Disciplined Oscillator

Simple Scalar Network Analyser


BITX-40m Portable Rig

AD9850 Signal Generator


Using a G4CLF IF Board from the '80s to make up a multi-band rig using Arduino VFO with band switching.
Hopefully the Mega plus TFT LCD Touchscreen will function well enough to use.  
A GPS disciplined 10MHz oscillator.
This uses a Rockwell GPS module and a Pic micro to lock a 10MHz temperature controlled  oscillator module
Bit X 40 Portable Rig
This is a Bit X rig using a Hendicks 20m kit as the basis.
I've modified it to run on 40m with an Arduino Uno with an si5351 vfo/bfo plus 8x2 line LCD readout.
Arduino Stuff
Arduino Mega and ebay 2.6" TFT Touchscreen display as rig readout.
Tested but code needs optimising.
Simple Scalar Network Analyser
A most useful piece of test gear.
Based upon an Arduino Uno sweeping a ebay AD9850 DDS module and an AD8307 log detector.
There is a graphical readout on PC screen.
MKARS80  80m single bander
To be updated soon.
AD9850 Based Signal Generator
To be updated.

Simple signal generator based on a Pic controller and an ebay DDS module.
There is a simple attenuator and a buffer amp.

RF Power Meter
A most useful piece of test gear.
Based upon an Pic Controller and a AD8307 log amp reading on a LCD Display.
I originally built this on homebrew pcb's but later found commercial pcb from Elektor.
Bits n Pieces
To be updated soon.

Lots of originally built but then scavenged for parts projects.  Some of the modules are worth mention.
Shack pics
To be updated.

A page of my shack.