A view inside the box.
 Upper is Arduino Nano, to the right of that is a boxed AD8307 log detector.

 Lower is ebay AD9850            module plus buffer amp.

I draughted the pcb design using ExpressPCB a free program. It's limitation is you have to think in reverse for home etched pcb's.  I usually design the board and then fill in areas to create a ground plane at pcb marking stage.

This is a project I built and slightly modified.  This is a most useful bit of kit.

It is from a webpage of Rich Heslip.

Link Here
A GPS disciplined 10MHz oscillator.
This uses a Rockwell GPS module and a Pic micro to lock a 10MHz temperature controlled  oscillator module
Bit X 40 Portable Rig
This is a Bit X rig using a Hendicks 20m kit as the basis.
I've modified it to run on 40m with an Arduino Uno with an si5351 vfo/bfo plus 8x2 line LCD readout.
Arduino Stuff
Arduino Mega and ebay 2.6" TFT Touchscreen display as rig readout.
Tested but code needs optimising.

BitX crystal filter scan with SSNA
BitX 40m rig crystal filter scan using the SSNA.
 Click on image for larger version.