My grand daughter Gracie and Trev, chasing the rainbow !

Gracie and Trev in cuddle mode. Trev says it's embarrasing to be photographed like that!.

When he first came to us he fitted in a Discovery dash tray.  Note the squeaky toy.  A Trev trade mark.  Needless to say he's a "ball" dog!


A GPS disciplined 10MHz oscillator.
This uses a Rockwell GPS module and a Pic micro to lock a 10MHz temperature controlled  oscillator module
Bit X 40 Portable Rig
This is a Bit X rig using a Hendicks 20m kit as the basis.
I've modified it to run on 40m with an Arduino Uno with an si5351 vfo/bfo plus 8x2 line LCD readout.
Arduino Stuff
Arduino Mega and ebay 2.6" TFT Touchscreen display as rig readout.
Tested but code needs optimising.

Ahhh that sun is nice!